Origin in Greek Mythology - The Protector of Property

Freelance Caretaker Service - Vacant Property Management

For all enquires please contact:

Patrick Hennessey

M:  07836 225354

e-mail: info@ctesius.co.uk

 This service based in Cambridge is provided for the owners and agents of vacant properties, either commercial or domestic, who require periodic maintenance and security visits. These visits  might be for "peace of mind", or for compliance with insurance terms, in which case a bespoke certificate of inspection can be regularly provided.

The scope of service offered includes:

  • Both internal and external inspections of the premises for signs of damage, intrusion, infestation etc.

  • Brief running of plant and systems, for example heating and water, to maintain functional integrity.

  • Provision of Risk Assessments.

  • Provision of detailed Inspection Certificates.

  • Named key holder for the purposes of alarm response, or providing supervised access to third parties such as contractors.

  • Dealing with matters requiring immediate attention such as leaks, broken windows etc.

  • Management of Preventative Maintenance schedules and service records.

  • Meter reading.

  • Litter clearance and general housekeeping to maintain a "cared for" aspect.

If you have any particular requirements not listed above, please ask